Les Sirènes

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After the choir's Summer Concert in June 2010 they received an excellent four star review in the Glasgow Herald.


Les Sirenes, RSAMD, Glasgow

Iona Bain


29 Jun 2010


Tucked away in the RSAMD programme are all kinds of little gems.


Between the whopping operas or new music festivals, there’s the sheer enjoyment of hearing a group of girls, clad in little black dresses and chic purple scarves, singing their hearts out.


The appeal of Les Sirènes, an all-female choir, isn’t hard to fathom, from their spot-on presentation to their something-for-everyone style of programming. They have enjoyed much success since their formation in 2007, growing into a group with a highly professional delivery.


Andrew Nunn, their thoroughly likeable MD, must take much of the credit for this. He is a natural with audiences and has a precise but wonderfully communicative style of conducting, as well as making his direction of choir, string orchestra and piano look totally effortless. He also seems to be adored by his girls, who were inspired into a remarkable range of styles, dynamics and emotions throughout the concert.


The textural beauty of the smaller pieces shone through, such as in the nuanced Traditional Love Songs, but they weren’t afraid to get stuck into the kaleidoscopic Holst works, with the Les Sirenes Mini Orchestra providing highly proficient back-up. Here, we were going well beyond the bland “angelic” category normally reserved for girlish choirs, giving us full vocal impact on declamatory Sanskrit phrases such as the astonishing “O Agni”. If that wasn’t enough, we got an enticing selection of jazz classics, with Can’t Help Loving That Man of Mine sung in such a sensuous manner any right-thinking male listener would have turned to jelly.



Star rating: ****