Les Sirènes

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Les Sirènes

Female Chamber Choir

"Absolutely stunning...that was spellbinding."

Aled Jones


"The best legato singing of full-toned piano I have ever heard.  It was fantastic."

Mary King, Choir of the Year 2012, Grand Final


“You had me on a soul level, you literally went into my core and I felt choked up.  The blend of your voices was so beautiful, that I was just totally yours."

Ruthie Henshall, Choir of the Year 2012, Grand Final


"Your legato is sumptuous. I love this choir."

Greg Beardsell, Choir of the Year 2012, Grand Final


"Lovely rich tone like a velvety red wine! You all know how to use your voices and it looked effortless."

Shirley Court, Choir of the Year 2012, Category Finals


"Andrew Nunn, their thoroughly likeable MD is a natural with audiences and has a precise but wonderfully communicative style of conducting, as well as making his direction of choir, string orchestra and piano look totally effortless."  

Iona Bain, Glasgow Herald June 2010

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